Welcome to Shazam Science!

A hands-on after-school science enrichment program for elementary aged kids.

Some of Our Curriculum

Mesmerizing Magnetism

Magnets: how do they even work? We'll find out! We explore permanent magnets with several hands on activities and demonstrations.

Exciting Electrostatics

Ever wonder why your socks stick together when you pull them from the dryer? Magnets. No really! We find out how electrostatic mangetisim works and explore the triboelectric effect.

Newton's Gravity

In 1666 Sir Isacc Newton had a revelation on the nature of gravity and motion that changed the world. Even today it's the simplest set of laws for understanding the motion of most objects through the universe around us. We explore Newton's Three Laws and how they relate to each other.

Frustrating Friction

Friction frustrates our ability to go fast, but without it things wouldn't work the way we expect. We explore the ways that friction interacts with our world and some not so obvious ways to get around it.

Fundementals of Flight

If two bicycle repair guys from Dayton, OH can do it so can we. We'll explore the fundementals of flight and the principles that underpin fast travel in the modern age.